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Why Seniors Are Turning To CBD Oil


CBD oil is enjoying newfound popularity these days, with millions of people around the country finding themselves exposed to it for the first time amidst ongoing cannabis legalization efforts. Despite the widespread interest in CBD oil and the growing realization that it holds many medical benefits for its users, however, one trend has gone largely unnoticed - seniors are turning to CBD oil.

Why is it that seniors are turning to CBD oil, and how could it be that a generation which fought to outlaw cannabis is now changing its mind? Here's how elderly citizens finally came around to cannabis, and why seniors everywhere are turning to CBD oil.

CBD oil isn't your traditional marijuana

Perhaps the most important reason that seniors are turning to CBD oil is that they accurately understand that it's not your traditional marijuana. CBD oil lacks the psychoactive effects brought about by the consumption of THC, its fellow cannabinoid cousin that's far more famous amongst the general population thanks to the changes to your mental state it delivers upon consumption. This is good news, because while CBD oil lacks the potent effect of traditional marijuana it has immense medical benefits particularly suitable for the elderly who find themselves in need of relief.

Seniors are turning to CBD oil largely because it's immensely easy to get your hands on and is quite easy to apply; in some cases, merely rubbing it on your skin is enough to derive medical benefits. This is useful for seniors, who need easy means of self-medicating and can't stand up to the harsh smoke that's traditionally associated with consuming marijuana. So many seniors are now turning to CBD oil for pain management purposes that the AARP recently made note of its increasing popularity with America's elderly population.

Is there any truth to the idea that CBD oil can actually deliver positive patient outcomes? As a matter of fact, there are many reasons to believe that seniors are wise for turning to CBD oil when it comes to pain relief and combating inflammation. CBD oil has proven effective at mitigating muscle inflammation and skin irritation, for instance, making it excellent for older citizens who are dealing with declining bodies that have weathered decade of hard work and exercise. The many types of pain which CBD oil can deal with is likely one of the reasons its so popular - seniors need a widespread solution that helps them with the myriad of health risks they're facing.

We've entered into a consumer CBD craze

Another reason that seniors are turning to CBD oil in huge numbers is that we've entered into a consumer CBD craze that's seeing the benefits of this cannabinoid flaunted left, right, and center. Marketing agents are waking up to the fact that generations of resistance to marijuana's legalization is now giving away to widespread public support for cannabis, both when it comes to medicinal purposes and recreational usage. While the older generations still consistently support cannabis legalization at a lower rate than their younger children, public opinion has sizable shifted in recent years as the medical benefits of marijuana-related products became indisputable.

Senior citizens should get used to having CBD oil products from autoflower strains hawked at them at every available opportunity. Pretty soon, older shoppers are going to find themselves inundated with advertisements boasting about CBD's anti-inflammatory properties and the ways that it can soothe arthritis. As cannabis becomes a proven method of treating joint pain, CBD oil will doubtlessly become one of the most popular medical products amongst senior citizens dealing with arthritis who still need their hands and wrist for digital device usage.

Elsewhere, harmful predators will seek to exploit the ignorance of seniors when it comes to cannabis, so it's worthwhile to keep your eye out for any potential scams you may encounter in the wild. CBD-infused foodstuffs, for instance, are notoriously sketchy because they're largely unregulated and, while the FDA technically considers them to be illegal, they're still widely produced and sold across the country. Seniors who are concerned about their health should know that CBD oil is widespread and largely accepted, yet CBD-infused foodstuffs are technically illegal and shunned by the FDA regardless of the public's seeking them out.

Seniors need relief

It should now be relatively straightforward why seniors are turning to CBD oil; after all, this aging segment of the population needs relief to an extent no other age group can appreciate. Arthritis, cancer, nausea, insomnia, and a wide-ranging array of other medical issues that disproportionately impact the elderly can all be at least partially soothed through the application of CBD oil, so it should come as little surprise when seniors continue to flock to cannabis for treatment solutions in the foreseeable future.

Given that seniors need relief and that CBD oil is a cheap and effective means of providing it, we shouldn't expect the consumer trend of senior-focused CBD treatment solutions to abate anytime soon. As a matter of fact, a growing and aging population will effectively necessitate that CBD oil becomes a mainstay of any good pharmacy that hopes to appease consumer demand.

It's important to establish that the long-term impacts of CBD oil are still largely unknown because researchers haven't had enough time to analyze them, yet seniors are turning to CBD oil all the same because of the effective means by which it delivers them the relief they so desperately need in their old age.

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May 11, 2019 12:00 PM EDT

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