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Spice up Your Relationship: Go on a Hot Sauces Trip around the World


It may be a shocking piece for you, but travelling also happens to be boring. A lazy vocation on a beach in about 4000 miles from your city is the case. Vocation does not need to be lazy if your purpose is to relax and spend time with your beloved or girl which you can find on the site. Relaxation may come together with the excitement. Don't make your vocation look like 20 previous ones. Try to spice up your life and take your beloved on a Hot Sauces trip around the world. All you need is to plan countries to visit, book hotels to stay and choose sauces to taste. Trust me, even an amateur scenario will work out and fill your vocation with tastes and spices.

Today I will tell you about world's most piquant sauces. A real gourmet should always distinguish the taste of a dish with Tabasco sauce and the same dish with, for example, spicy Thai sauce and is aware of what makes food spicy. While amateurs should discover new tastes and get back with cool hot souvenirs.


Sriracha, Thailand

Nam Chim is one of the brightest representatives of Thai sauces, which is often served with fried fish and other seafood in local restaurants. The translation of the name speaks for itself and sounds like "sauce to dip seafood in".

Every Thai sauce, as well as every Thai dish, should include five tastes: salty, spicy, sweet, sour and umami (a "pleasant taste" - the taste of high-protein substances). Thus, in Nam Chim the sweet is brown or palm sugar, the salty is fish sauce, the spicy is chili, the sour is limes. Garlic and coriander are the mandatory ingredients of Thai hot sauces.



Speaking about spicy Chinese food, China is the homeland of soy sauce, although you may also taste traditional hot soya sauce in South Korea or Japan. In China the sauce appeared in II century BC and has not changed much since then. The benefits of spicy food are numerous. The quality of the soy sauce depends on the ingredients. A good soya sauce is nothing but wheat, soy and salt.

A great example of a hot soya sauce is Spice. It is made of classic soy sauce is used, with the addition of mayonnaise, garlic, butter, chicken broth, onion and Japanese hot sauce Shichimi Togorashi.


Avery Island L.A., United States

Tabasco is perhaps the most famous hot sauce in the world. Its main advantage is its versatility.

There is a bunch of varieties of Tabasco, which differ in taste and pungency. The less spicy is called "Sweet and Spicy". It combines spicy and sweet tastes, which significantly expands the range of dishes you may use it with.

The "Garlic Tabasco" is spicier. In addition to garlic, it includes cayenne pepper, soft red jalapeno pepper and Tabasco pepper. Garlic Tabasco is added to soups, pizza and meat.

Chipotle Pepper Sauce is one of the most delicious hot sauces in the world. It includes a traditional "Tabasco" mix, dried garlic, onions and smoked chipotle pepper.


Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Scoville scales measures the pungency of the chili peppers. It shows how many water drops are needed in order to "calm down" and extinguish the hot pepper.

For example, the of the Bhut Jolokia on this scale is seventy thousand units. While the pungency of the Bulgarian sweet pepper is zero.

The hottest sauce on the Scoville scale is the "New Mexico Scorpio" sauce, which is cooked with the Infinity Chili pepper. It is the hottest pepper in the world. It is placed on the market in limited quantities, which is due to its extreme danger. The pungency of the Infinity Chili is 1,191,595 units on the Scoville scale.


Lincolnshire, England

Muhammad Karim, the chef at the Bindi restaurant in Lincolnshire, England, who is in charge of spicy dishes, claims to have created the world's hottest sauce to serve with chicken legs. It's called Atomic Kick Ass, and yes, it's like an atomic bomb that hits you in the mouth. This sauce has received 12,000,000 units on the Scoville scale - this is several times more than a police pepper spray.

The sauce is made of the world's most peppery peppers, including peppers "Scorpion Trinidad" and "Carolina Reaper", as well as five milliliters of special chili extract, which has 13,000,000 units on the Scoville scale. The sauce is so hot that visitors who venture to try the sauce should put on two pairs of gloves. Therefore, you should ask your physician a question: is spicy food good for you, before trying it.

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