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Five foods to avoid when you diet

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Diet is hard and exhausting. We must pay attention to every single thing we eat and we must calculate calories. But there is so much information about diets that it is something that you can eat anywhere and you should not eat it anywhere. If so, is there any bad food that anyone can agree with, supported by nutrition and science? Is there a simple diet that will help you lose weight if you just cut it off? 

◆ Zero Calorie Drinks: Calories and carbonated beverages are easy to mistaken for a diet that gives them fullness. However, there are many obese people who drink only zero-calorie drinks. According to research, it is reported that when people eat zero-calorie drinks, their weight is rather higher. This is because the artificial sweetener has no sugar and the brain requires more food for calorie supplementation. Very often you do not mind drinking zero-calorie drinks, but long-term ingestion is likely to increase your total calorie intake.

◆ Carbohydrate-based meals and snacks = When you eat meals or snacks that consist only of carbohydrates, your body quickly converts carbohydrates to monosaccharides and sends the sugar to the bloodstream. This rapid rise in blood sugar, insulin secretion and low blood sugar again, the stomach will be hungry. Therefore, eating a carbohydrate-based diet can be hungry and can not stop snacking. Let's eat cheese or peanuts away from cotton, bread, and confectionery.

◆ Low-fat food = Fat is a prejudice to increase weight. Studies have shown that people who consume low-fat foods frequently are more obese. Low-fat foods do not give you a feeling of fullness, so you end up looking for foods that contain carbohydrates. Avoid foods that are deliberately devoid of fat.
Frozen foods - Frozen foods consisting of vegetables, meat and protein seem to help diet at first. However, frozen foods contain a lot of sodium for taste and food preservation. Excessive salt intake can make you sweat and allow you to drink more sugary drinks. If you are forced to eat frozen foods because of busy social life, let's choose low salt.

◆ Low-calorie sweets = Nowadays, for those who can not break the sweets, there are also sweets that do not exceed 100 calories. But low-calorie sweets also use artificial sweeteners like zero-calorie drinks. Thus, for the same reasons as zero-calorie drinks, blood sugar increases and insulin resistance can make you more hungry and eat more food. 

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Jul 10, 2018 10:36 PM EDT

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