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How not to panic at the session: 10 tips for students


Someone rejoices the summer as a time of holidays and the sun, and for someone with his arrival, the time of graduation evenings and recent calls is approaching. With them, the closer and closer the exam time and writing paper is.

Exams, whether school or university, are accompanied by considerable excitement. How not to be disturbed, but excellent students and doubters are worried. The excellent students have long sought a good final score, but they also demand more and bad students need to cope with the negative opinion of the teacher and get at least a satisfactory assessment, and knowledge for essay writing is not always enough.

Regardless of what course you are staying - but to some extent, you do not find a place during this period. How to behave before the exam - let's talk about it.

Several writing tips how not to panic during the session:

1. To be self-confident, you must come to the exam, first of all, trained. Wake up before you have time to eat, put yourself in order, get dressed. Take everything you need for the exam: credit, pen (and preferably two), notes, etc.

2. Believe in yourself. Try not to worry, do not panic along with other students, because of excitement - something infectious. Several slow deep breaths will help calm down.

3. Calm and assemblage is the key to success. Choose a comfortable place for yourself, make sure you have plenty of workspaces that nobody interferes with. Do not forget about the correct posture.

4. Review the task, carefully read the questions, pondering what you are reading. Plan light questions first, complex - at the end.

5. If you want to choose the right answer from several possible, make sure you can guess. First, drop the answers that you believe are wrong.

6. During the written exam, think carefully about what essay writing you plan to do so that the product does not turn out "porridge."

7. Do not bite your pen or nail, even if you do not know anything, it's better to make a smart look, it will give you confidence.

8. Take 10% of the time to check. Make sure you answer all your questions, do not forget about spelling and punctuation.

9. Analyze your results. Think about what you did wrong, and you will be fully equipped for the next exam.

10. In that case, do not forget that even a bleeding exam can be reprinted at a certain time.

Do not be afraid! If you're still worried, then take your fear. Many are well aware of the panicky state before the exams: "I do not know anything! I do not remember anything!" Try to direct your thoughts in another direction: "I still know something and it's good enough."

 Carry out breathing exercises. This is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to overcome the feeling of stress and panic. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Extras should be 2-3 times longer than inhalation. When inhaling, imagine that you drag your favourite aroma into your nose. Pour through the slightly closed lips as if you want to blow the candle flame or blow on a spoon of hot soup. You can also talk about yourself: "I am calm and confident", "My memory works well"". Even if you are already nervous about these tips, believe it, such training is an effective technique: the brain is well suited to such teams.

Look at everything in the long run. At the moment, the examinations seem to you the most significant event, but in terms of all your further life - it's just a solution to another vital task or custom research paper writing.

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Nov 22, 2017 08:57 AM EST

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